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    Attack of the Killer Zombies

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    Attack of the Killer Zombies

    Post  Moore games on Wed Dec 09, 2009 6:02 pm

    Attack of the Killer Zombies

    A new military project was created to help advance the US army. Its purpose was to make soldiers have inhuman powers. However it back fired causing them to turn into zombies. It wasn't long before the zombies infected the whole world. As the only survivor who saved himself by hiding in a vault. Its your job to find a cure to save humanity.

    Type : Against the world, Action, Survival

    Includes : 5 weapons, 3 explosive weapons, 7 power-ups, high-scores, statistics, and 36 unlockable trophies.

    With all the trophies and high-scores to earn, I guaranty that you will be playing for hours. So have fun and enjoy.

    Click here to play now

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