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    Amphibix (Trial); play, review, chat

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    Amphibix (Trial); play, review, chat

    Post  Golden Beast Studios on Wed Dec 09, 2009 4:00 pm

    Amphibix video:

    Amphibix description:
    Amphibix is an isometric action game with a intriguing number based gameplay element. The player's task is to navigate a long tongued frog through 99 levels by clicking on the lowest number on the play field while avoiding obstacles. Players must exercise their mind to search for the lowest number on the screen while remaining focused on avoiding the immediate danger that presents itself on the playfield. Amphibix spans the four seasons thematically and has a serene and otherworldly tone throughout.

    Full game price:

    Download Amphibix (Trial version) from Microsoft SkyDrive here

    Let us know what you think!



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