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    Game reviewing rules

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    Game reviewing rules

    Post  Golden Beast Studios on Wed Dec 09, 2009 2:01 pm

    Reviewing a game can be fun to write and is often very helpful to who ever developed the game. Here are some guidlines to a good review.

    -Be courtious:
    "This game sucks" is not acceptable. It's just inflamitory and doesn't help the person that made the game.

    -Be descriptive:
    "The game is too hard" isn't very descriptive, why is it too hard? "On level 5 I was hopelessly swarmed by enemies" describes the problem much better.

    -Offer alternatives:
    "On level 5 I was hopelessly swarmed by enemies. Try decreasing the number of enemies or offering a power up to help combat them." This way you voiced an objection, and offered a solution. This further cements the fact that level 5 is too hard.

    This way a review can accurately describe the reviewer's opinion about the game without being rude or ugly. Don't like something a game? Politly offer descriptive specific reason why and what you would do instead. The person that made the game will thank you.

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